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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had to push the Liberals to do more than the bare minimum to help people.

We were proud to win paid sick days for all Canadians, but the program the Liberals built is not working.

The third wave is hitting hard, and workplace transmission is still very high.

What are we doing as lawmakers in a pandemic if not making policies to save lives? What could be more important?

I am asking — repeatedly — for Justin Trudeau to fix the federal paid sick leave program. I need you to fight for workers with me.

It’s simple: People would not have to go to work sick if the paid sick leave program worked like it was supposed to. Instead of stepping up to fix its problems and save lives, Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau have been busy playing the blame game and pointing fingers at one another.

I’ve been working to find solutions. We need three fixes to make this program work and save lives: It needs to be more flexible, it needs to be more money so people can have their full work day covered, and the help needs to get to people quicker.

That’s it. The federal government can do that. The program is already in place, so there’s no excuse about jurisdiction.

A few months ago, we put one of these petitions up to ban the Proud Boys. Over 100,000 people signed, and we got the ban. I’m reminding you of this in case you ever doubted that your voice on these issues has an impact. It absolutely does.

Sign on here to help us get fixes to the paid sick leave program to save lives:


Jagmeet Singh
Canada’s NDP

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