Women on the Line: 100 Years of Fighting Back_May 12

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Hello Friends,

Our Left Coast Labour Chorus is sponsoring a very fun event in the style of a concert/cabaret to celebrate women’s work and women activists over the past 100 years. We are inspired by the centenary of the Winnipeg General Strike where the women telephone operators were the first out and the last back.

The evening will consist of numerous vignettes which honour women activists, performed by the theatre company Salt Thief, supported by songs from the chorus’s repertoire.  There will be lots of fun new material.  Charlie Demers is also doing a set!

Please see the poster below for details.  If you are interested/able to attend, just reply to this email and I’ll put tickets aside for you, or else you can do the Eventbrite option below.  Again, thanks for all the faithful support for our Labour Chorus.  Please feel free to let friends and family know about our concert.


In Solidarity,

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