We’re not returning to “normal.”

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In all the years I spent working in social services in Toronto, I saw the damage inequality is doing.

The people accessing those services would have been living completely different lives if they had accessible child care, pharmacare, and jobs that paid a living wage.

The thing that struck me most during the pandemic was the lack of paid sick leave. Workers without access to paid sick leave were left with impossible choices. If you feel unwell, do you stay home and risk missing your rent payment? Or even losing your job?

All signs are pointing to an election this fall, and my priority is making sure that Canada’s social safety net is there for people who need it.

We can’t go back to normal, if normal means inequality keeps growing. Moving Canada forward means no one is left behind.

So that’s my top priority, what about you? When there’s an election called – and it may be sooner than we think – we want to make sure your priorities are heard.

Tell us what you think is most important as we move into economic recovery.

Let us know how best we can fight for your wages. Our summer survey is open until July 31 – I’d love to get your input.

Looking forward to getting to know you better,


Lily Chang
Canadian Labour Congress
Standing up for workers and their families

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