We can’t lose progress on universal child care.

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We can’t lose progress on universal child care.
You heard it yesterday – the Conservatives will roll back child care commitments if they form government.
Canada has a child care crisis and we must act now to ensure that the progress we’ve made is not lost. Eight federal-provincial/territorial child agreements were signed when the election was called and we can’t afford to have the Conservatives scrap them if elected.
With so much at stake, can you help us demand affordable, quality, accessible, and inclusive child care for all?
• Sign the petition to show all parties how many of us support a country-wide early learning and child care system; and
• Participate in the September 14 National Day of Action for Early Learning and Child Care and join the Canada-wide bilingual online event.
Child care advocates and unions have been working towards this for over fifty years. Can you help us seal the deal?
In solidarity,
Vicky Smallman
National Director
Human Rights Department
Canadian Labour Congress
Standing up for workers and their families
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