Volunteers Needed for JOB SECURITY

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Dear Sisters, Brother, and Friends Local 40! 

Local 40 is looking for volunteers to help save 3,000 hotel workers jobs!

As you know, the hospitality industry has been hit hardest during the pandemic.  Most of our members are still laid off, with no end in sight.

Many hotel owners, are using the pandemic to try and fire thousands of long-term hospitality workers.    We are demanding that hotel workers and the provincial government step up and guarantee job security.

This will be a tough fight.  But we have been here before.  Many of you were with us in our historic strike last year.  Volunteers from unions, faith based organizations, tenants, women’s, and community organizations helped us take on the hospitality industry and win an incredible contract.

Nobody could have predicted a global pandemic would be around the corner.  

We need your solidarity more than ever.

Whether you have 1, 10, or 20 hours, let us know if you are willing to volunteer!  You can just respond to haugustino@unitehere.org  or call myself at 604-838-9677 or Fipe at 778-835-4426 and we will give you more details.

In Solidarity,

Harley Augustino 

Lead Organizer 


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