Urgent Action at Liberal Offices to Make Every Vote Count

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Volunteers from the Leadnow community in over 35 Liberal ridings have already agreed to host

“Make Every Vote Count” actions on Tuesday, December 13th. 

Why are people so motivated to step up now? People are worried – and mad – that it looks like the Liberals are backing away from their flagship promise to “make every vote count” in the next election.

It’s time to send a clear message that breaking this promise could cost Trudeau’s government the support of progressive voters he needs to have a chance of winning the next election.  

That’s why next Tuesday, December 13th is the Make Every Vote Count National Day of Action. We’re organizing events in ridings across the country where the public will hand deliver a copy of the Liberals’ 2015 promise to their local Liberal MP’s office.

We want to do an event near you, but we are still looking for a host! Can you help make this happen? It’s easy: we’ll help you every step of the way and invite people to join you. Here’s a link to sign up to help organize.

Don’t want to organize but just want to attend? No worries, you can still RSVP:

What: Make Every Vote Count day of action

When:Tuesday, December 13 at 12:00 PM

Where: MP Terry Beech’s Office

3906 Hastings St


Yes, I’ll be there on Dec 13th!

(We’re doing it on this day and time so the offices are open!)

Can’t make it? You can support the people putting on these events and help us keep pushing for proportional representation in 2017 by chipping in $5, $10 or $15 now. 

I can’t come but I want to chip in!

This is a key moment to send a strong message. Right now the media is paying close attention to this story, the government is being condemned for backpedaling, and the Liberals are going to be trying to decide what they should do next with powerful MPs on both sides of the issue.

Over the summer and fall, we wrote thousands of letters and attended consultations on voting reform by the hundreds. We made hundreds of phone calls. Thousands of us filled out surveys. But this government hasn’t been listening. Not to voters, not to the experts, not to the members of the electoral reform committee who this month made a recommendation for PR. 

The most powerful thing you can do is show up on December 13th with other people who care about this issue to demand the government honour its word. Hundreds of other people across the country will be doing it at the same time, and together we’ll make a big statement.

Can you join a Make Every Vote Count action in your area? It’ll be quick and fun, and we’ll send a strong message to this government that breaking their flagship election promise is not okay.

Sign up to host the event in Burnaby, or RSVP to attend here: https://leadnow2.nationbuilder.com/er_nda_burnaby

Can’t be there in person? You can still make an impact by chipping in $5, $10 or $15 to help us promote these events far and wide. 

Let’s remind the Liberals of the power of the Leadnow community, and show them a united front of progressive voters who expect them to keep their promise. Every person who shows up helps make this message stronger and stronger.


We’ll see you there!

Katelynn, Rachel, Fatin, Mike and Jolan on behalf of the Leadnow team

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