United Way Period Promise Research Project Final Report – It’s Released!

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We’ve got exciting news to share – our Final Report from our Period Promise Research Project has been released! I’ve attached a copy for you, but we’ve also got a blog post up.

CALL TO ACTION: Please share this blog in your social media, including your union’s social media as possible, tagging United Way of the Lower Mainland and using the hashtag #PeriodPromise.

A huge thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of this initiative from the get-go. 5 years ago when our good friend Nikki brought this to the group I don’t think any of us imagined that something like this was even possible. But here we are!

Unsurprisingly, the report shows that period poverty is more common than people imagine, and providing access to free menstrual products in our communities goes a long way to building vital connections and making our communities healthier, more inclusive, and more caring. It’s a bigger deal than many of us realize.

And, despite the length of this report, there is so much more data to review, including good information outlining what kind of policy work people think could work and where people think free product should be located (including workplaces!). Reviewing that will take more time, but there are good insights and thoughts in there, and we might end up writing small addendums at some point this year to discuss those findings and position them with initiatives taking place around the world. To that end, we are continuing our work with governments of many shapes and sizes on this issue, and the data contained in this publication will go a long way to supporting those conversations.

And, of course, we’re gearing up for our Period Promise 2021 Collection Campaign, which will launch in May 2021. Onwards and upwards!

Click here to read the full report

In Solidarity,
Neal + Deb

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