Unite Against Racism – March 21, 2019

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March 21, 6:00pm, Alma VanDusen Room, Vancouver Public Library, 350 W Georgia St., Vancouver

Dear David, Stephanie, Stephen and Barb,

We are waking up to immense grief today.

49 Muslims murdered in a mosque in New Zealand during prayer, and the death toll is rising.

The shooter wrote the Quebec Mosque shooter’s name on his gun and posted photos of them online. He published an anti-immigrant manifesto before he went on a murder rampage.

And we know that Canada is not immune. Police reported hate crimes went up 47% in 2017. At least 300 known white supremacist organizations are currently organized across the country. Anti-Muslim hatred is pervasive. Black and Indigenous people are unfairly targeted by police and imprisonment. Racialized people are shut out of basic services, and especially women of colour get paid much lower wages. Anti-immigrant messaging by federal political parties increased dramatically during the recent by-elections.

But, we refuse to get divided. That’s why, from Halifax to Vancouver, communities across Canada are coming together to #UniteAgainstRacism. Actions are taking place between March 17th and 24th.Migrants and refugees are rising up!

David, Stephanie, Stephen and Barb, you need to be part of this critical moment. Go to http://migrantrights.ca/en/march21/ to find the action closest to you and show up. 

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Many of us are worried already. We are facing job losses, low wages, and cuts to services. We are worried about our children’s future, the rising cost of living and retirement. All levels of government are imposing an austerity agenda upon us, while corporate profits go untaxed and climate crisis worsens.

Those at the top want to win by dividing us. They want us fighting for scraps, and blaming different migrants, so we get too distracted to demand the fundamental changes our communities need.

Uniting against racism right now is the only way forward. Find a mobilization near you at http://migrantrights.ca/en/march21/.You can participate even if you can’t attend. On March 21, 2019 post a selfie on social media with #UniteAgainstRacism, and tell your friends why you will be opposing all forms of xenophobia this year!

We know that immigration policy exploits us. Canada resettles few refugees, while profiting from displacement. In fact, nearly 70% of the migrants in Canada are denied full access to basic services like healthcare or education because of unfair temporary permits. We are pushed into dangerous and difficult jobs. Most migrants are eventually forced to leave or face detention and deportation. Immigration policy is exclusionary and unpredictable – there is no orderly queue that is being jumped.

Canada is experiencing the same racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric which was central to Trump’s elections, and which gave rise to the shootings in New Zealand. We will see the strategies used again in the federal elections in October. That is why the Migrant Rights Network has been formed. Following the March 21 #UniteAgainstRacism mobilization, actions are also called for May 1, 2019 (International Workers Day); June 16, 2019 (Father’s Day & International Domestic Workers Day); and September 2, 2019 (Labour Day). These actions are an invitation to all social, environmental and labour groups to act together in every community.

The Migrant Rights Network will share educational tools, and train local leaders to deliver workshops in workplaces and community spaces. Ahead of the Federal election, we will also develop a People’s Platform for Racial and Migrant Justice. Join us at www.migrantrights.ca

Preliminary list of events. More being announced everyday athttp://migrantrights.ca/en/march21/

March 23, 6:30pm, Edmonton Inn
This is a fundraiser, tickets must be pre-purchased.  Facebook  

March 21, 4:30pm, Halifax Convention Centre
RSVP | Facebook

March 17, 11am, United Steelworker Centre
RSVP | Facebook

March 23, 12pm, City Hall
RSVP | Facebook

March, 21, 10am, 200 Renee Levesque

March 24, 2pm, Saint-Laurent Station
RSVP | Facebook

March 17, 2pm, 1665 Four Mile Creek Rd
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March 24, 2pm, 166 Frank Street

March 20, 6pm, Confederation Park
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March 21, 5:30pm, Nathan Phillips Square
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March 21, 6:00pm, Alma VanDusen Room, Vancouver Public Library, 350 W Georgia St., Vancouver

Together we will win.

Migrant Rights Network

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