Support Dockers at DP World London Gateway

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Dear Colleagues


Support Dockers at DP World London Gateway


A new terminal operated by global network terminal (GNT) operator DP World has been constructed at the port of London Gateway – workers there need your help to secure a decent CBA. Since opening in 2013 Unite the Union has been campaigning for a collective bargaining agreement for workers there so that they can negotiate with management on important workplace issues like occupational health and safety, breaks and pay. DP World management has made it clear they don’t want this to happen and things have reached a critical point in the campaign. DP World may try to force an unnecessary ballot to try to avoid having to make an agreement.

Dockers need your support at a challenging time that could be a turning point in the campaign. Please do these three things now:

I will keep you updated on further developments.

In unity

Nigel Venes

Assistant Dockers’ Secretary

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