REMINDER: 8 Days Left to Get Your Mail-In Ballot in BC

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There’s only 8 days left to go before the Oct. 17 deadline. 

626,000 B.C. voters have requested their vote-by-mail package so far. Have you requested your mail-in ballot yet? 

No? You’ve still got time, request your ballot today.

Yes? That’s great. Make sure to send it back as soon as possible! 

In Canada, we’ve withstood the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. Now, we need to plan that’s rooted in our way of doing things – on health care, on jobs, and in how we care for each other. 

It’s clear NDP Leader John Horgan and his party share those priorities. It’s also clear that their plan is working. They are flattening the curve while making sure workers aren’t being left behind.

The Canadian Labour Congress supports Horgan’s pledge to support seniors, care workers, and low-income families so B.C. can emerge from the pandemic stronger and more secure than ever.

Support a plan that keeps B.C. and the rest of the country moving forward together. Request your vote-by-mail package before the Oct. 17 deadline.

Stay safe and healthy.

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