Period Promise 2020 Launches their 2020 Campaign

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Imagine being forced to choose between food and menstrual products. Or facing the daunting prospect of asking for pads when you’re in the midst of a gender transition. Maybe it’s the middle of exam season, stress is mounting and student loan funds are dwindling. You’re suddenly faced with choosing between necessary brain fuel and expensive – but necessary – supplies.

These are the harsh realities for many people.  

But we’ve got a couple ideas on how you can help.

We are also promoting changes in policy for employers, unions, and all levels of government so that they can better support those of us who menstruate. And it is starting to have an impact. Following the leadership of the Ministry of Education last year, more and more municipalities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley are talking about their role in addressing the issue of period poverty in our communities. By helping out with United Way’s Period Promise campaign, you’re connecting to a movement that is making a difference.
So, what does your #periodpromise look like? 

ILWU Canada has a box for Donations at the office.

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