Nurses don’t just need your thanks. They need your help

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Dear Workers

It’s Nursing Week. How do we even begin to say thank you?

I don’t have the words to pay gratitude to nurses.

Every day, nurses show up for us. I saw this growing up – my mother was an RN for 50 years.

The best way we can honour their courage and commitment is to show up for them in return.

‘Thanks’ isn’t enough. Nurses need safer, sustainable working conditions. Send a tweet now if you agree.

One year into the pandemic, Canada’s medical workers are being pushed to their limit.

Nurses face staffing shortages, long shifts, and inadequate PPE. If that wasn’t enough, they’re suffering crushing burnout and skyrocketing PTSD.

If Canada wants to keep a healthy, stable health care system, we have to act. Call on decision-makers to ensure safer working conditions and better support for nurses.

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