Longshore Bargaining Update

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On January 22, 2019 your bargaining committee recognized the one-year anniversary with the BCMEA in the Longshore Negotiations. This represents a significant investment of both time and effort attempting to resolve a broad range of issues before the parties.

Your bargaining committee must unfortunately report that as of this update there has been no agreement between the ILWU Canada and the BCMEA. A letter has been sent to the Federal Minister of Labour to let them know that we have come to an impasse in bargaining.

Moving into the next steps of bargaining at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, your bargaining committee will keep your Longshore Caucus advised when events arise, as well as the membership of the Longshore Locals, to the extent that we can. The waterfront on the West Coast of Canada shall remain open as usual, the professional conduct of our membership will strengthen your bargaining committees struggle through negotiations as we all fight for not only our current workforce, but for the future generations of the ILWU. Patience, perseverance and the ability to resist provocation by antagonist who seek to undermine the strength of our Union is what your bargaining committee requires from you at this point in time.

Your bargaining committee wants workers to follow their elected leadership as we walk down this path in this struggle, which will pave the way for our future. Don’t be misguided by those who advocate individual actions that can result in distracting us from the goals placed in the hands of your committee by your caucus delegates. We must stand united and show the bond that gives us the strength we lay claim to, not to be divided by any person or corporation that stands in our way to get a progressive Collective Agreement for our members.

We shall last, ONE DAY LONGER

On behalf of your Bargaining Committee

In Strength and Solidarity

Rob Ashton

President, ILWU Canada

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