ILWU Canada’s Community Solidarity Project

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The ILWU Canada Young Workers are excited to announce and launch their new Community Solidarity Project, in partnership with the United Way of the Lower Mainland.
This project is designed not only to raise money but is also an opportunity for our young workers to organize other ILWU workers into volunteer opportunities connected with the campaign.
This campaign focuses on the challenges associated with food scarcity directly tied to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The ILWU is guided by a cardinal set of principles adopted in 1953. Principal #4 reads in part “IV “To help any worker in distress” must be a daily guide in the life of every trade union and its individual members.
The ILWU has a long history of working in the community. That work starts with the understanding that everyone in the community is a “worker” and “distress” is not just referring to workplace issues. Distress is food scarcity, housing issues, isolation, lack of access to basic human needs.
The ILWU Canada Young Workers are continuing these traditions by partnering with the United Way of the Lower Mainland in an effort to combat some of these distresses that workers in the community face. Not through “charity” but through Community Solidarity!
Please visit the website for more information, to donate today, and join our growing pool of volunteers to become more involved in issues facing our community.
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