ILWU Canada Young Workers Contest Winners

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This year the ILWU Canada Young Workers Committee held a contest covering the themes: Solidarity, Unity and Diversity. The contest was open to young workers 35 and under and closed on Oct. 31, 2016.

Our first place winner was Shannon Hoolsema, Local 502 who painted a wax encaustic entitled “Norma”. Runners up were Adam Perry and Tawney Hougaard. Adam submitted a personal story of solidarity (see below to read his experience) and Tawney entered a video speaking about diversity sharing how we all came in on different ships but were all in the same boat now. The presentation of prizes will take place at the next ILWU Canada Executive Board Meeting on December 6, 2016.


1st Place Winner - Shannon Hoolsema – “Norma”

1st Place Winner – Shannon Hoolsema – “Norma”


Runner Up Tawney Hougaard

Runner Up Tawney Hougaard


Long Range Solidarity

Runner Up – Adam Perry

My name is Adam Perry. Early June this year I got a job as a driver for an AAL car ship. At some point during my shift, my cell phone fell out of my pocket into a car. I was wearing sweat pants at the time and didn’t think to leave my cell phone behind. It was near the end of the shift when I realized I didn’t have my phone on me. I didn’t think much of it at the time and that I had obviously left it in the glove box of my car. When I returned to my car at the end of my shift and found that my phone was nowhere to be found, my stomach dropped. Losing your phone is quite a pain, but my phone case is also my wallet. So I had just lost my wallet, phone and $10 (ok the $10 wasn’t that big of a deal, we are longshoreman). Now I don’t give in to despair easily, so the first thing I did was race home to GPS my phones location. I figured my phone was probably still in the lot and that I could probably use another device to track it down. I was wrong… I had dropped my phone in a re-handle car on the ship and my phone was on its way South. About a week later my mother, Naomi Chabauty (A board casual) received a call from Kailey Gardner (502 Member). This is where things get interesting. It turns out that an employee offloading the car that my phone was in, had found my phone and turned it in to their Supervisor. The Supervisor contacted and handed off my phone to another Supervisor involved with AAL import/export. The Supervisor with my phone at this point finds out which local worked on the car ship my phone came from and coordinates a return with the hall. The hall passes on the information to Kailey Gardner who knows my mother and the unlikely news finally gets to me. A couple of days later I retrieved my phone/wallet at the wicket, $10 still inside!

Without knowing a single thing about me, each person involved in this event made a conscious decision to do what they could to get my phone back to me. I wish I had each of their names to properly give them the recognition they deserve. No one would have judged them for choosing to toss my phone in a desk drawer or even take it home. Each of them went the extra mile and chose an action of altruism. That to me is a perfect display of Solidarity.

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