Here for Canada – Workers Show Up Even when their Employers Fail Them

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Federal public service workers show up every day to deliver crucial services we all depend on—even when they stopped getting paid. Over 200,000 workers and their families have suffered financial and emotional fallout from the Phoenix pay system disaster and for many, the problems continue.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada just launched a national ad campaign to highlight the dedication of public service workers throughout the Phoenix pay system disaster, which has now been going on for two and a half years. Despite missed paycheques, fending off debt collectors, and managing endless uncertainty, PSAC members have continued to be here for Canada.

Please share these videos with your membership and encourage them to visit for more information and to sign on to the petition to the Prime Minister.

Video 1: TV Ad

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Video 2: Phoenix testimonials from PSAC members

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Tell Trudeau it’s time to end the Phoenix payroll disaster. Our government should make sure federal public service workers get paid correctly, on time, and every time.

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