Don’t Look Away

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Today marks 100 years since the first protests calling for an 8-hour work day. 

That fight isn’t over. 

Paid sick days, living wages, the right to disconnect, benefits are scaled back or nonexistent – all while corporations draw record profits.

Worse still, workers are losing their lives. The pandemic gaps in workplace safety and workers have paid the price. 

We can’t afford to look away, Jeannie. Especially not today, on International Workers’ Day. 

Workers like Maureen and Godfrey died because they weren’t safe on the job. Take 5 mins today to hear their stories:

Be brave, Jeannie. It will hurt to hear these stories. The anger and sadness you feel is what will fuel us to fight for better. 

First we remember our dead. Then we fight like hell for the living. 

In solidarity, 


Tara Peel
National Coordinator, Health, Safety and Environment
Canadian Labour Congress
Standing up for workers and their families

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