Discovery of the Remains of 215 Stolen Children in Kamloops, BC

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Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

Re: Discovery of the Remains of 215 Stolen Children in Kamloops, BC

With the discovery of the remains of the 215 stolen children from indigenous communities in Kamloops the members of the ILWU Canada have been shook to their core. This horrific find is something indigenous communities have been saying would be found at many if not all properties of former residential schools.

As a nation that accepted, encouraged and helped create the residential school system that destroyed generations of families, it is up to us to help with the reconciliation process to heal these generational wounds.

On behalf of ILWU Canada and the 20,000 members we represent in British Columbia and Saskatchewan, some of whom have gone through the residential schools themselves, I call upon the Canadian government and its provinces to enact the “94 Calls To Action” set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Committee of Canada. This is the only true way to start the healing!

We implore the Canadian and Provincial governments to work together to investigate and uncover remaining mass graves at all residential schools in Canada!


Rob Ashton


Cc: BC Premier John Horgan

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