COVID-19 Confirmed Cases – Exposure Listings

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COVID-19 Confirmed Cases – Exposure Listings (see below)

Bulletin – COVID- Confirmed Cases

Bulletin – Quarantine Benefit

Six months since the onset of COVID-19 we are now experiencing our first confirmed cases. Three members from Local 500 tested positive and are currently isolating however last week three of these workers wolfed jobs in Local 502’s jurisdiction before symptoms appeared.

With members traveling from “depressed ports” and the foremen’s Local 514 working at multiple sites, this could spread like wildfire amongst the ranks of our ILWU families.

LOCALS – Upon confirmation of a confirmed case Locals should:

  • Request the BCMEA supply a list of details for each positive COVID worker dating back 14 days prior to testing with the dates, terminals, vessels, jobs, and the shifts worked.
  • Once supplied with this information the Locals affected will post an update on their websites.
  • ILWU Canada will also post this information on the website. All longshore workers must check these postings to verify possible exposure.

WORKERS – Upon confirmation of a confirmed case of exposure workers should:

  • Check to see if they were on the same Vessel or Terminal on the specific days and shifts listed should adhere to the recommendations on the BC Government’s website, HealthLink BC.
  • ESDC has given the following directions for COVID-19 matters, that individuals contact and follow the advice of their local health authority. In the lower mainland those would be Fraser Health Authority and the Vancouver Health Authority.

Recommendations from the BC Provincial HealthLink website are:

“Anyone who may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or has returned from international travel should self-isolate and watch for symptoms of COVID-19 that can appear up to 14 days after exposure to the virus.”

For more information go to:

COVID-19 Isolation Coverage:

  • “A” Coverage Members and “A” Board Casuals can apply for the recently agreed to 14-day COVID-19 Quarantine Benefit negotiated by our Trustee’s.

For those who are still working it is more important than ever to continue to practice safe social distancing, follow each sites COVID-19 Protocols, and wash your hands often.

“And remember to Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe.” Dr. Bonnie Henry

In Strength and Solidarity

ILWU Canada Officers

COVID-19 Outbreak Exposure and Restrictions

September 6, 2020 4:00pm Westshore Terminals – Vega Rose

September 3, 2020 – 8:30 Vessel-Vega Rose

Click link for more details

Westshore – Positive COVID-19 results on ship

September 1, 2020 – 8:00am Shift    MTS Driver  GCT (see link below for more details)  


August 16, 2020 – Westshore Terminals: Effective immediately anyone who has worked elsewhere on the waterfront in the past 72 hours is not to be dispatched to Westshore until the afternoon shift on August 18, 2020. More details can be found at:

August 15, 2020 – ILWU Local 502 is putting a temporary restrictions on wolfing from other Locals at the 502 dispatch hall. Only those from a depressed port will be accepted at this time and they are restricted to work out Local 502 only while visiting. More details can be found at: 

August 14, 2020 – All workers that were working on the Dong A Metis AAT #1 (Car Ship) on Saturday August 8th 4:30pm & Sunday August 9, 8:00am shift must self isolate. More details can be found at:

A Worker(s) who tested positive for COVID-19 worked at the following location(s) prior to testing positive. If you worked at any of these locations on the dates listed, monitor yourself for symptoms of illness. More details can be found at:

Date (2020)

Shift Terminal Vessel


August 13 1630 Vanterm   Checker Training
August 11 0800 Vanterm   Checker Training
August 10 1630 Vanterm   Checker Training
August 9 0800 Annacis Auto Terminal Dong-A-Metis Dockman
August 8 1630 Annacis Auto Terminal Dong-A-Metis Dockman
August 7 0800 Vanterm   Checker Training
August 7 1630 Centennial #5 OOCL Memphis Labourer
August 6 0800 Vanterm   Checker Training
August 6 1630 Vanterm #6 APL Antwerp Labourer
August 5 0800 Centerm   Head Checker
August 4 1630 Vanterm #6 Ever Unity Labourer
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