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On October 24th, BC will be making the choice between going back to the reckless cuts that left us vulnerable, or continuing to strengthen the support systems we all rely on.
That’s in less than 2 weeks.
So, we don’t have much time. Are you ready to help put BC on the path towards a future that is more than just a recovery? Well, the first step is committing to vote for a Future for All right now.
We’ve been busy these last few weeks. We introduced our Future for All plan for BC, we surveyed thousands of our members and supporters to find out what matters most to you, and with your help, we pressured local candidates across the province to support a Future for All in their campaigns.
But the most important part of this campaign is still ahead of us – we need as many British Columbians to get out to the polls as possible, and committing to vote is a big first step in that direction.
We’re less than two weeks out – can you commit right now to vote for a Future for All?

Election day in BC is around the corner. it’s time to get serious about creating a Future for All in BC. The most important step is to commit to cast your ballot, because voting is the ONLY way we can bring about the change we want to see in our province. 

For things like affordable childcare, universal pharmacare, green jobs, paid sick leave, and more – we need to be ready to vote early by mail and at advance polls, or on election day on October 24th. 

Get yourself ready for the big day and commit yourself to voting!
Thanks for all that you do,
The BC Federation of Labour
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