CALL FOR ACTION: In support of Cascades Containerboard workers (IAMAW)

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Friends and Allies,

The IAMAW has reached out for solidarity and support from the Canadian labour movement. The IAMAW is in the midst of a labour dispute in New York State – a dispute with a Quebec-owned company, Cascades Containerboard – and these workers need help in putting pressure on their employer to deliver a fair first contract.

More than 100 workers have been denied a first contract in Niagara Falls, NY although they have been certified for a vote by the National Labor Relations Board in the US. They deserve a fair contract but have only faced an aggressive anti-union campaign, permanent outsourcing of their jobs resulting in layoffs and have seen their bonuses drastically reduced.

Despite all of this, the workers have continued to meet and exceed production targets.

Please support these workers by publicising and amplifying a petition campaign directed at Cascades Containerboard.

In solidarity,

Bea Bruske

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