Black Canadians’ Contributions to Labour

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First up, on 6 August the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton ON is hosting a panel discussion and presentations on Black Canadians’ Contributions to Labour. Hosted by Carol Wall (many of you will know her from her years in the labour movement) with presentations by historian Natasha Henry and author and curator Adrienne Shadd.

The times being what they are, WAHC is hosting this on Zoom.  Which is very good news as it means that people like myself, who would have a hard time getting to Hamilton and the WAHC’s nifty museum in the Old Customs House, can participate.

Go HERE to register (it’s free) and if you do I will see you there.  Really.  Not to be missed and I won’t.

A little further off on the calendar is this year’s Canadian Labour International Film Festival.  If you are a regular CLIFF-goer you needn’t worry about it becoming another COVID-19 cancellation.  CLIFF is moving online this year.  Not only will the main event be available via a streaming service come the fall, but so too will the local events across the country.

For those who don’t know, CLIFF has a large weekend festival event in Toronto each year but also provides a selection of films to local co-ordinators across Canada.  The co-ordinators pick a package or two that suits their area’s interests and needs and hold a min-‘festival-in-a-box’ in a local venue.

Or at least that’s how it has worked in the past.  This year it gets even simpler as CLIFF will be making it even easier for local event organizers.

For a list of events across the country, the films in this year’s festival and a registration form if you would like to host a mini-CLIFF for workers in your neck of the woods, just go HERE.

And when you’re checking out both these wonderful events please stay safe and healthy.

In Solidarity,

Derek Blackadder

LabourStart Canada

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