BC Heritage Centre – 19 Awesome Things in 2018

 In News

1. On the Line: A History of the British Columbia LabourMovement by Rod Mickleburgh – the first history of  BC labourpublished in 50 years — became an instant best-seller.
2. You were protesting like it’s 1983 as we looked back at 35 years since Operation Solidarity in BC withThis Day in History posts, Walking Tours, Panel Discussions and interviews withkey participants.
3. We put BC labour history on stage with performances by the Unladylike Collective and the Troika Collective.

4. Farmworker warriors Charan Gill and Raj Chouhan were reunited at thevideo premiere of The History of Health and Safety in the BC Farmworkers’Industry.
5. We were at the Hospital Employees’ Union Convention to witnesshistory upon learning that Bills 29 and 94 were gone.
6. Watch:  Why Labour History Matters.

7. Teachers in Terrace celebrated World Teachers Day with the dedicationof our plaque remembering their 1981 strike
8. Want to walk in their footsteps? We have an app for that.
9. Listen to their stories. Our Oral HistoryProject interviews labour leaders and activists from years past and a surprisedonation means we can upgrade our equipment!

10. Ginger Goodwin Way is back in Cumberland!
11. 1935 was a busy year in BC labour history. In New Westminster: 21 striking workers were arrested on the docks.
12. The Vancouver Civic Employees Union (CUPE Local 15) celebrated 100 years.

13. Helena Gutteridge Plaza at Vancouver City Hall was opened.
14. The City of Burnaby now has a plaque to remind us [again] why unions matter.
15. Sixty years since the collapse of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge

16. The Greenhill Park explosion on the Vancouver waterfrontis now memorialized near the spot where 8 were killed.
17. This story about women cannery workers whotook control to stop racism in their workplace will give you shivers.
18. A treasure from the Golden BC archivesconfirms folklore from the On to Ottawa Trek in 1935.
19. Our film on the history of health and safety in the BC shoreworkerindustry got rave reviews in Prince Rupert and Vancouver. Take 10 minutes and watch it here.

Our Plans for 2019

  1. Our Virtual Museum Exhibit on Solidarity in BC in 1983 will be finished and published by the Canadian Museum of History.
  2. We highlight 100 years since the Winnipeg General Strike, with a focus on the sympathy strikes that occurred in BC.
  3. Our Walking Tour season in Vancouver returns, and we expand our app to include driving, cycling and walking tours in other parts of BC.
  4. More Plaques!  South Asian workers, maternity leave and young workers are on the agenda.
  5. Our Day of Mourning in BC Schools Project will ensure students know their rights and how they got them.
  6. We start work on a memorial to victims of asbestos exposure in BC.

We have so many volunteers, sponsors and partners to thank, but one very special collaborator has been Community Savings Credit Union, the sole financial sponsor of our book, “On the Line: A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement“. (which–by the way–would make an excellent gift this month). What an amazing organization!

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