A Special Evening with Thomas Mayor – Aug. 7

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Come join ILWU Canada in welcoming Thomas Mayor from the MUA and Custodian of the Sacred Uluru Statement of the Heart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph Street, Vancouver, BC.

Please RSVP to ilwu_uluru@outlook.com

For more info visit : www.1voiceuluru.org

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For more information Contact ILWU Canada at 604-254-8141

You are invited to an evening with Thomas Mayor, custodian of the sacred Uluru Statement from the Heart. Thomas Mayor is a Zenadth Kes man who lives on Larrakia land in Darwin, Australia. He is the elected Branch Secretary for the Northern Territory Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia and the president of the NT Trades & Labour Council. Thomas was elected from the Darwin dialogue on constitutional reform to participate in the Uluru Convention.

The union movement has won many a battle for workers and social justice. They have brought our society from one where workers were slaves or mere servants, were punished for disobeying the master; They have come from a place where children were forced to labour in mines and factories to a society that now enjoys universal health care, weekends, various loadings, allowances and legislated rights. Each of these wins for the union movement were maligned by employers and politicians of the right-wing ideology. Their claims of Armageddon have since been thoroughly proved as selfish fear-mongering.

Workers and their communities have progressed so far because unions are organized at many levels: at the workplace level, across entire industries and nationally with the Australian Council of Trade Unions

Thomas envisions that when First Nations representatives are chosen by, and therefore accountable to, their own First Nation Peoples, not appointed by the Prime Minister or the media; and when those representatives can come together regularly, able to hold informed debates toward determining collective positions on matters that are common: we will see major change because that type of Voice will be a force to be reckoned with. A Voice that is organized to win.

A national framework negotiated with the Commonwealth by the collective Voices of authorized First Nations representatives is vital to the best possible treaty outcomes. And good outcomes will need a strong Voice to defend them and ensure adherence. Today, we are faced with ‘treaty how’, as much as the struggle for ‘treaty now’.

In Solidarity

Dan Kask

2nd Vice President

Chair of Education and Human Rights Equity Committee

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