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It won’t be long before the BC government tables this year’s provincial budget. This is our chance to make sure paid sick leave for workers in our province is included. 

The pandemic has only exposed what’s been an ongoing issue in our province for far too long: workers having to choose between staying home when they’re sick, and paying their bills. We need to ensure that paid sick leave becomes a reality for all workers in British Columbia, regardless of where you work or how much you get paid.

The BC Federation of Labour, affiliated unions, community groups and workers are asking the BC government to step up and lead Canada on this issue.

The budget is being put together right now. Please: Email the government today and let them know that you want a permanent paid sick leave program for all workers in our province.

The reality is 53% of BC workers get no paid sick leave at their jobs. For workers earning less than $30,000 — who are disproportionately women and people of colour — that figure rises to over 80%.

We can fix this. If enough of us make our voices heard, progress is possible. The temporary measures put in place by the federal government during the pandemic don’t go far enough. Sick leave in British Columbia needs to be paid, permanent, and protected.

Paid sick leave can and should be a reality for BC workers. Send a message to the BC government in just a few clicks.


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