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Our media team have been working hard to get the news about the 7:01 Movement out there and we had a chance to talk about it on CKNW yesterday (recording attached).  Hopefully some more media coverage will come through next week.

A great chance to talk about our partnership with HEU here and highlight the work they are leading on behalf of these workers. Any chance you get over the weekend please share the petition and, of course, sign it too!

Please help us get early momentum on this campaign!

Today we launched our 7:01 Movement, advocating for all healthcare workers to continue to receive fair pay and benefits after the pandemic. The 7:01 Movement was launched to build off the public’s show of support for its healthcare workers during the 7pm applause. The 7:01 Movement features a petition that supports healthcare workers permanently maintaining the fair wages they have rightfully earned during this crisis.

As the union’s credit union, we have been active in supporting the working community and their struggles for fair wages, workplace safety, and worker rights. The 7:01 Movement is another strong show of support from CSCU for BC workers and the labour movement.

We have shared this news on our social channels, and would appreciate your support in sharing the message to extend the reach of this important campaign. 

LinkedIn – At the bottom of the post, it boosts our reach if you like the post, add a comment below the post (for example, “Proud to share this research and support equal wages for BC health care workers!”), and/or share the post on your own LinkedIn page with why this campaign matters to you.

Twitter – Consider re-tweeting, or quoting the Tweet with a personal message 

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Click here to read the press release.

Our research shows 88 percent of British Columbians support continuing the levelled-up pay for health care workers. There is also strong support for providing equal pay and benefit standards for long-term care workers. Alongside the Hospital Employees’ Union, we are encouraging British Columbians to show their support beyond the 7:00 clap and sign our petition

Thanks for your support! 

Mike Schilling 

President & CEO


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