We Need Your Support for South Korean Transport Unions

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Dear colleagues, we need your support for South Korean transport unions.Last week I visited South Korea and personally witnessed the courage and determination of Korean transport and public sector workers fighting for justice.

Now, an action day has been designated for 12 October 2016 and will be supported by the international trade union movement. I’m asking you to join the campaign.

South Korean workers are fighting back against government plans that would make sackings easier and divide workers.

Industrial actions in September brought together workers in 14 unions right across the public and public transport sectors in an impressive show of strength. But the government has declared the rail strike illegal. Charges have been pressed against 9 union officers, while 145 officers have been suspended from their job positions in preparation for further disciplinary actions.

The global union movement is fighting these attacks and is campaigning for rights in Korea as well as for the release of those arrested in the last wave of anti-union repression.

Get behind the campaign!

There are FIVE THINGS you can do to back South Korean unions:

1.Take a selfie with these solidarity signs (Graphic 1, Graphic 2, Graphic 3) and these to support the truckers (Graphic 4, Graphic 5, Graphic 6, Graphic 7) and post them online with the hashtag #KoreanStrike4Justice or send them to us before 12 October

2. Send us, or post a video on social media with the hashtag #KoreanStrike4Justice

3. Send a protest letter to President Park, via Labourstart

4. Join the 12 October action: Visit your local South Korean Embassy and present a letter, see here; or if you can’t visit, send a letter to the Ambassador. Please us send reports and pictures

5. Help us get the word out. Post content to the #KoreanStrike4Justice, and keep an eye out at this hashtag for sharable content to support our campaign for an end to attacks on trade unionists. Check out our campaign site at www.Koreanstrike4justice.org, too!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in solidarity

Stuart Howard
Assistant General Secretary

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