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 January 12, 2017 Maritime Workers Day of Action, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Day of Action Video

ILWU Local 500 Celebrating 50 Years of Amalgamation

Video Clip ILWU 50th

The following video was created at the 2015 ILWU Canada Young Workers Conference with delegates sharing what solidarity meant to them.

Click the picture below to watch the video.


Link to video:


Day of Mourning Ceremony – April 28, 2015. Click the image above to view the video prepared by Glen Atkinson.


Jim Sinclair

Tribute to Jim Sinclair – Jan. 10, 2015




Women on the Waterfront

Reclaiming the New Westminster Waterfront Research Partnership

New Westminster Waterfront





Battle of Ballantyne Ceremony 2014

ballantyne 06-18 2014 001 (Small)

Video Contest

Youth Committee – 2014 ILWU Canada Convention

Young Workers Conference 2013

ILWU Canada Remembers Frank Kennedy

A Moment With Jack Micholuk

ILWU Local 500 Pensioners Picnic 2011

National Day of Mourning: April 28, 2011

ILWU Canada Presents: The Release of Ballantyne & Prince Rupert DVDs!

Happy Labour Day Weekend from ILWU Canada!

Celebrating Prince Rupert’s 100 Years of Labour

ILWU Supports Local 40 Hotel Workers in Protest Against Hyatt

Local 500 & 502 Joint Meeting

Rio Tinto

ITUC Organizing Campaign

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An Injury To One Is An Injury To All