Welcome All GCT Ship, Yard And Rail Planners to ILWU Local 502

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ILWU 502 is pleased to announce that all GCT Rail, Yard and Ship Planners have successfully unionized. Your union will get in touch with you shortly about the next steps towards a smooth transition into becoming members of ILWU Local 502.


Dear GCT Planners (Medium)

Click here for a PDF of the letter above

There Is An Active ILWU Union Campaign At Global Container Terminals To Unionize All Ship, Yard And Rail Planners.

A substantial majority of workers have expressed interest in joining ILWU Local 502, because they want to improve working conditions, including:






Official Bulletin for GCT Planners (Small)

Click Here to see a letter from ILWU Local 502 President, Tom Doran, about the benefits of joining a Union.

Collective Bargaining at GCT (Small)

Click Here to see for information about what collective bargaining will look like for Planners at Global Container Terminals.

ILWU Union Certification March 22_1 (Small) ILWU Union Certification March 22_2 (Small)

Click Here to read a letter from ILWU Local 502 Treasurer, Cara Kerins, for more information and background about ILWU.

RA Video

Click here to see a message from Rob Ashton, President of ILWU Canada

The ILWU has filed a Union Certification Application to the Canadian Industrial Labour Board to represent Ship, Yard, and Rail Planners at Global Container Terminals. 

The Canadian Industrial Relations Board will issue a date for GCT Planners to vote to Unionize with the ILWU. A minimum of 50% + 1 must vote YES to Unionize with ILWU.

When you cast your secret ballot on Voting Day, please Vote Union YES. The majority of your co-workers want to be a Union member, and they are voting YES.

For More Information, Please Contact Our Union Organizer: Caitlin Davidson-King Direct Line: 778-980-5673   Email: organizer@ilwu.ca


Be a Member of The International Longshore and Warehouse Union of Canada:

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union of Canada has been successfully representing workers like you since 1935.

ILWU Canada represents over 13,000 men and women in the Western Canada.

Make ILWU Canada part of your future!

Please refer to commonly asked questions during a Union Certification:

Q: What is a union?

A: A Union is an organization, and its purpose is to collectively bargain the wages, hours and conditions of employment for a particular group of employees. The Union acts on the employee’s behalf and is their exclusive representative.

Q: Who runs the union?

A: You run the Union. When you form a Union, you will elect representatives from every department to be shop stewards, who will lead the Union. You also elect representatives to the negotiating committee that will represent you at the bargaining table with management. Everyone votes through secret ballot on whether to accept the contract.

Q: Is it my right to form a union?

A: It is your legal right to form a Union at your workplace. Legally, all inquiries are strictly confidential. Your employer will never know who signed a Union card or how many workers signed a Union card.

Q: Can my employer approach me about the ILWU union campaign?

A: Your employer does not have the right to ask you if you signed a Union card or how to vote on voting day. Your employer does not have the right to intimidate or harass employees who wish to join a Union.

For More Information On The Certification Process, Visit The Following Links From The Canadian Industrial Relations Board.



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Please Contact Our Union Organizer For More Information:

International Longshore and Warehouse Union of Canada

180 – 111 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 4C4

Caitlin Davidson-King

Direct Line: 778-980-5673

Email: organizer@ilwu.ca

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ILWU Local 502 Welcomes You

17457293_10155023202265030_2560730844853813324_n (Medium)

ILWU Local 502 Give Their Support

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Dockers from Turkey Send Their Support

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ILWU Local 502 Welcomes You

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the ITF Welcomes You

The ITF Welcomes You

MUA Sends their Support

MUA Sends their Support

Vancouver & District Labour Council Welcomes you

Vancouver & District Labour Council Welcomes you

ILWU International Board Sends their Support

ILWU International Executive Board Sends their Support

And many, many more send their support!

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