ADP – Payroll and Address Changes

To ensure your payroll and personal information are changed with the BCMEA and with ADP the following information with help you acquire the correct forms and instructions on where to send them.

Address Change Forms:

This form is available at your local union office, or downloaded from the Trustee website at (If you need the password contact us). Click on “Actives” then “Union Members & Welfare Paying Casuals” then “Documents & Forms” and finally “Enrollment Forms”. Then email it to or call 604-251-6141.

Your address will then be updated with ADP and the Benefits office. You should also contact your union office administration staff or Secretary Treasurer with your new address and whenever you change your phone number.

ADP – Longshore Employee Change Form:  Click the image below for a direct link to the form

ADP Address Change form

Print and complete the “ADP Longshore Employee Change Form”
Scan the form along with a void cheque and email them to
or Fax the form and void cheque to 1-877-362-9678.

If you have any questions or difficulty obtaining forms I can be reached at or call the ILWU Canada office at 604-254-7131.

Bob Dhaliwal
Secretary Treasurer, ILWU Canada

The website below has been prepared exclusively for eligible members of the ILWU Employer Association Health and Benefit Plan and the Waterfront Industry Pension Plan (WIPP)
Click here to enter the Portal


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