2015 Young Workers Committee

ILWU Canada will be hosting a three day Young Workers Conference  September 27-29th, 2017 at the Maritime Labour Centre. It will include such topics as Social Media, Political Action, History and more with local and international speakers. All Members and Casuals aged 35 and under are welcome to apply however preference will be given to first time applicants. The conference is limited to 140 delegates, with additional volunteers. Billeting will be available for out of town delegates.

2017 Application Form. Click here

Once the form is complete you can email it to ILWU Canada via scan or a by taking a picture on of the filled out form on your phone and sending it to

Registration is now open and will close May 15, 2017.

2017 Application Form

Delegates will be notified in June if they have been accepted. Also we ask that if you are unable to attend that you let us know in advance so we can fill your seat. Last time we had a long wait list. By completing this form you are committing to attend the entire conference if accepted and not leave early to plug in or work graveyards. As a Union we are investing in you  and in return we expect you to show up and participate fully.



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