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    Day Mourning Video – April 28, 2015

    Please enjoy the Day of Mourning video prepared by Glen Atkinson.

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    Time Change for a Change

    Greetings! This week was an incredible week for working people. The people of Alberta decided it was “Time for Change” and booted out a 44-year Conservative Dynasty by electing Rachel Notley and the NDP. I write to you today because we are kicking off our …

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    Fight for $15 – May 15, 2015

      Join the BC Federation of Labour at Grandview Walmart to rally for $15 minimum wage.   After the recent election, Alberta is on its way to a $15/hr minimum wage. Why not BC? Come out to one of our events to support the call …

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    Day of Action – May 12th, 2015

    Re: May 12th – Day of Action for Mining Justice Sisters and Brothers, On May 12th we will recognize the Day of Action for Mining Justice. This day of action is to advocate for Canada to act on its international human rights obligations. One year …

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    Let’s Build Site C Together!

    Premier WAC Bennett asked us to build BC’s greatest mega-project: the WAC Bennett Dam. We’ve built just about every mega-project since. Now BC Hydro wants to change that proven strategy for building our next great mega-project: the Site C Dam. There’s no reason for BC …

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